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Of all the monuments in the world that you have to pay to visit, which one do you think gets the most visitors? You might think it’s the Forbidden City in China, or some skyscraper in Manhattan… But you’d be wrong! It’s our very own Iron Lady who holds this record. Initially a wildly audacious project, today an icon that lights up the nights or Paris. And the most beloved monument of the Parisians. The Grande Dame has many secrets… Want to learn some? Take the quiz!

True or false?

  1. The height of the Eiffel Tower has been increased four times since its construction. True or false?
  2. The original plan was to tear down the Eiffel Tower after the Exposition Universelle. True or false?
  3. The monument’s height varies depending on the weather. True or false?
  4. To sparkle for 5 min every hour at night, the Eiffel Tower uses 600 light bulbs. True or false?
  5. The Eiffel Tower’s value today is primarily sentimental. True or false?
  6. To get to the top, you need to climb 992 stairs. True or false?
  7. A 25-year-old British man was once arrested for climbing the monument with his bare hands. True or false?
  8. The Tower’s metal beams are ultra light. True or false?
  9. To keep the Iron Lady nice and shiny, it takes 4 tons of cloth to clean her every year. True or false?
  10. In 1940, the French cut the elevator cables so that Hitler would have to take the stairs to get to the top. True or false?


  1. True! Measuring 300 meters in height and 125 in width at the time of its construction, the Tower remained the tallest monument in the world for 41 years until the construction of the Chrysler Building in New York (318.9 meters with its antenna). Today she stands 324 meters tall, after 4 extensions of the antenna, the last in 2000.
  2. True! The Tower was originally designed to be temporary and was to be torn down after the Expo.
  3. True! The Eiffel Tower is not the same height all year round. In winter, when temperatures drop, it can shrink up to 8 centimeters. And when the mercury rises in summer, the metal expands and so does the Tower. In 1976 it grew 18 cm to its record height.
  4. Are you kidding?! It takes 20,000 bulbs – and 80 km of electric cables – to light up the monument that inspires the whole world. With 7 million visitors per year, the Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid-entry monument in the world.
  5. Not at all! In 2012, the Eiffel Tower was valued at 434 billion euros by an Italian Chamber of Commerce. That’s a whopping one-fifth of the GDP of France!
  6. False! To get from the street level to the top, you’ll have to climb 1,665 stairs. Your legs will pay a price!
  7. True! He was nabbed by nearby police when he got back to the bottom and spent several hours under arrest. He didn’t regret it, though: “Climbing the Eiffel Tower had been one of my goals for a long time. We started climbing at 1:00 in the morning, barely avoiding security and staying out of sight of security cameras […]. We finally reached the top, which was entirely illuminated. We stayed there till sunrise.”
  8. False! The Eiffel Tower weighs over 7,000 tons.
  9. True! She must be pampered!
  10. True! As they say, he may have conquered France, but he didn’t conquer the Eiffel Tower. So there!

We could go on and on with historical trivia, like the fact that it took 2 years to build the Tower, that our friend Gustave (Eiffel’s first name) had to call on 300 workers (more than it takes to build you a deck!), or that a woman actually got married to the Eiffel Tower… But we prefer to recommend a few charming hotel rooms with a view of… Well, you know.

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